We took an innovative position of pursuing a multi-regional approach to wine growing meaning we didn’t have to compromise. After discovering the promise of New Zealand, the Peabody family decided on the Gimblett Gravels Winegrowing district in Hawke’s Bay and Te Muna Road in Martinborough to produce a collection of wines that speak very much of their place.

Gimblett Gravels

A place of warmth and gravelly soils, the Gimblett Gravels Winegrowing District resulted from a flood in 1876 when the Ngaruroro River changed its course, and a vista of gravel, stone and sandy alluvial soils was left behind. This unique combination, alongside other climatic factors such as sunshine hours, humidity and rainfall, means the gravels retain heat and lead to optimum ripening for Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet. The stylistic characteristics of red wines from the vineyard are richness, ripeness, and elegance with a distinctive fine dusty tannin finish. Chardonnay is also grown in the vineyard and has distinctive floral notes and pronounced minerality on the palate.

Te Muna Road

The Te Muna Road Vineyard is located some 7 kilometres outside of the Martinborough township.

The vineyard consists of two distinct terraces, the higher comprising very old, stony clay-infused soils perfect for Pinot Noir. The lower terrace of younger stony soils interleaved with limestone provides an excellent environment for Sauvignon Blanc. The cooler climate of Martinborough ensures the wine is aromatic with steely minerality while the rocky soils gives intensity of the fruit.
The region’s warm, dry summers and mild winters have led to complex and structured wines with subtle aromatics and an elegant finish.


Kidnappers Vineyard

Our Kidnappers Vineyard is located on the Hawke’s Bay coastline at Te Awanga where the spring and autumns are warm and sunny and the summer is tempered by the cooling sea breeze. Its ideal location allows the development of intense Chardonnay flavours in the grapes producing a wine with lifted aromatics and a mouth-watering finish.


Our Avery Vineyard is located in one of the warmest locations in Marlborough, being some 15km from the sea it is away from the coolest of the sea breezes, and the relatively low elevation contributes to increased warmth, particularly at night. The combination produces grapes with great complexity and flavours in the red currant, lime, citrus blossom and passionfruit spectrum rather than the distinctive herbaceous/grapefruit notes typical of most Marlborough wines.